Armageddon - the opening chapters

Posted: Sep 16, 2020

Oh wow, things just keep getting worse, don't they? Let's see - what's wrong this morning? Wildfires and hurricanes driven by climate change Poisonous air (from #1) Mass migration (from #1) Global plague Social unrest Mass delusion driven by...

Sketch for a context-aware generative user interface system

Posted: Mar 2, 2018

A friend recently asked me for my thoughts on how one would create a context-aware generative user interface system. The idea would be that the system would automatically generate a user interface based on various parameters that can be unique for that particular user - such as what the user...

Startup Idea: Telepresence That Doesn’t Suck

Posted: Nov 8, 2016

At my current job, which I love, there is something that I really don't love. Currently, I live just far enough away that I can't make it into the office every day. The commute is about 2 hours each way. Therefore, I find myself often on a variety of technologies, such as WebEx, Google...

Dear Data

Posted: Jul 6, 2016

One of the amazing people I work with at is Micah Stubbs. He frequently hosts the Bay Area D3 User Group meetup at the H2O offices. This week was movie night, where we watched a presentation by Georgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, about their joint project, Dear Data. Georgia and...


Posted: Mar 2, 2016

Something that NuPIC has needed for a while is an easy-to-user GUI. Unicorn is a great first step in that direction. I just got back from Numenta's offices where I did some early user testing on a Unicorn prototype. It was super easy to use. After just a few clicks, I was looking at...

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